Thursday, December 14, 2023

Swiggy takes a jibe at Donald Trump’s victory claim, Twitterati goes berserk

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Viral Swiggy India US election 2020 tweet: On 16th of November, former US President Donald Trump tweeted, “I WON THE ELECTION.” Though Twitter promptly labelled it as a disputable piece of information. Swiggy India’s respond to Trump’s claim is winning hearts all over the country. In a very witty and sarcastic jibe of their own, Swiggy replied saying, “AND VEG BIRYANI IS INDIA’S NATIONAL FOOD!” In a much gripping race to the White House, Joe Biden, in his third attempt at the White House, defeated Trump in a closely contested election to become the 46th president of the United States.

However, earlier Trump refused to concede defeat, saying that the election was “far from over”, and promised legal challenges by his re-election campaign. US President Donald Trump on Sunday appeared to acknowledge in public for the first time that President-elect Joe Biden had “won” the election but kept up his assertion that the election was “rigged.”

If the US Preseneditail race garnered enough headlines the previous weeks, now it is India’s own food aggregator app, Swiggy which is getting Twitterati’s much attention and praises. Netizens have been rehashing their own version of memes and jokes using Swiggy’s hilarious jibe at Trump. The Internet has been flooding ever since the Swiggy’s tweet went viral. Clearly, Netizens have bowed down to the food delivery app’s unexpected dig as well as their stand on this matter. Look at some of the reactions here:

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But Swiggy India definitely did break the heart of some of the Veg Biryani enthusiasts. Many are blaming the food app for making fun at the expense of vegetarians. Whatever the reactions are it will be Swiggy who is winning with their wit. KUDOS!

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