Thursday, December 14, 2023

‘Worst food disaster ever’: Twitterati in shock over Internet’s new find Kaju Katli Chicken Soup

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Viral Kaju Katli Chicken Soup Post: If this year wasn’t enough to be this shocking and such game-spoiler, the recent viral pictures of Indian favourite sweet ‘Kaju katli’ and chicken soup post made Twitterati lose their nerves. The pandemic has left millions of people to try their hands-on cooking. While many managed to dish out mouth-watering, savoury dishes while many struggled in the kitchen disaster making quite nightmarish, horrible food. The year 2020 made some of the food trendings on social media for all the wrong reasons.

Earlier ‘Biryani with Rosogolla’, ‘Chocolate Maggi’, ‘Ice Cream Pav’ and such food disasters caught a lot of attention on Twitter and whole new memes were generated out of them.  This food experiment of Kaju Katli and Chicken soup shared by one user on the microblogging site left many furious. The attempt by this particular enthusiast definitely got thousands of thumbs down. Twitter had its gone meltdown as soon as the bizarre food combo started trending all over the country. Many blamed him for ruining their favourite Diwali sweet.

Many users called it a crime to even try this food combo meanwhile hundreds of funny memes and jokes are being created to make this bizarre food combination stay in our memory for long. The reactions on Twitter are surely going to leave anyone in laughter. Ever since Kaju Katli and chicken soup picture has been trending many are calling the creator behind this dish as an ‘unforgivable sinner’ for ruining their childhood favourite mithai. Read some of the shocking reactions below:

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It seems Twitterati clearly is not in favour of trying this unique yet unbelievable food combo.

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