Friday, December 15, 2023

Israel PM Netanyahu calls on Hamas to ‘surrender now’, Declares ‘Beginning of the End’

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As the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza surpasses its 66th day, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a stern ultimatum to the terror group, urging them to ‘surrender now.’ In a video released by the Israel PM’s Office, Netanyahu asserted that the recent surrender of dozens of Hamas terrorists to Israeli forces marked the “beginning of the end of Hamas.”

Netanyahu directed a message to Hamas fighters, urging them not to sacrifice themselves for Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar. He declared, “It’s over. Don’t die for Sinwar. Surrender – now!”

Simultaneously, Israel Defence Forces (IDF) spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari reported significant developments on the ground. Troops, including the 401st Armoured Brigade, the Navy’s Shayetet 13 commando unit, and the Air Force’s Shaldag unit, successfully captured the Palestine Square area in Gaza City. The IDF uncovered a substantial tunnel network beneath the square, connecting to Shifa Hospital.

Hagari emphasized the strategic importance of the Palestine Square area, housing Yahya Sinwar’s office, government offices, and assets of senior Hamas officials. The troops, guided by “accurate intelligence,” are actively probing the tunnel network in the region.

In a significant blow to Hamas leadership, the IDF announced the killing of Emad Qariqa, the newly appointed commander of Hamas’ Shejaiya battalion, in an airstrike on Saturday. Qariqa had assumed the position after Wissam Farhat’s death on December 2. Additionally, the IDF reported the death of Lt Nethanel Menachem Eitan (22), a soldier in the Bahad 1 officers school’s Gefen Battalion and the Air Force’s Unit 669, who succumbed to injuries sustained in northern Gaza on Friday. The toll of slain soldiers in the ongoing ground offensive against Hamas has reached 98, with five more soldiers seriously injured in Saturday’s fighting.

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