Thursday, December 14, 2023

India News Manch 2023: BJP National Secretary Anil Antony On The Biggest Stage Of Politics

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Anil Antony, National Secretary of the BJP, stated on India News Manch, “BJP is the biggest party in the world,” while praising the party on stage. The BJP leader emphasized that under the leadership of PM Modi, the BJP has successfully fulfilled all its promises. Anil Antony also mentioned that he has been given a significant responsibility within the party.

In addition, Anil Antony launched a strong attack on the opposition, asserting that “Congress is a party of one family.” Antony further noted that despite rumors spread by the opposition about the BJP’s poor performance, the party holds the most Lok Sabha seats in the South, surpassing any other party in the region. He subtly hinted at Congress lacking a clear strategy.

Anil Antony shared the reason for leaving the Congress and joining the BJP, citing a controversy over a tweet as the cause. Despite his prior association with the Congress, Antony had to part ways with the party and subsequently aligned himself with the BJP. “I had to separate from Congress over a tweet controversy,” said Anil Antony.

The India News Manch, India’s largest political summit, today marks the second day of this program that began on Wednesday, December 13 at the NDMC Convention Center in Delhi. It is worth mentioning that this three-day event will run until December 15, 2023.

On Wednesday, several eminent political figures of the country, including Member of Parliament Raghav Chaddha, Union Minister Anurag Thakur, Kiran Rijiju, and many renowned faces from the world of literature and entertainment, participated. Moreover, many other prominent personalities, who will share insights related to the country and the world, will also be included in today’s proceedings.


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