Friday, December 15, 2023

Uttarkashi Rescuers felicitated at India News Manch 2023

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The team of Uttarkashi Rescuers, who risked their lives to save 41 workers trapped in the Silkyara Tunnel, were felicitated and also invited for an interview on India News Manch. Lawyer Hasan, Munna Qureshi, Rashid Ansari, Naseem Malik, Firoz Qureshi, Irshad Ansari, and civil engineer Ashok Kumar Solanki joined the effort. During this mission, they shared the harrowing story of the 17 days that the labourers spent trapped in the tunnel

Did not do rat mining-Civil Engineer Ashok Kumar

“Civil Engineer Ashok Kumar Solanki said that this term has been given the wrong name like Rat Mining. The work we did is not rat mining. Solanki said that rat mining is banned in India. Even after this, due to being called by this name, we and our team have to face a lot of problems. This entire process is known as manual pipe jacking. Which has been approved by the Government of India.”

How does this manual pipe jacking work? Munna Qureshi, a member of the team, explained

“Munna Qureshi, a member of this team, stated that we have undertaken numerous projects for Jal Board’s LNYT Company. He emphasized that the current task is unrelated to rat miners; rather, it involves piping work. Rat mining, on the other hand, is carried out for coal extraction. For our piping work, we sit inside the pipe and walk while cutting it, and the pipe is pushed from behind. This process is known as manual pipe jacking, wherein we are responsible for soil excavation. The government has approved the tender for this work, and it is entirely legal.”

Akhilesh Yadav gave reward
The team member told that regarding the laborers trapped inside, there was joy on the faces of all those laborers as soon as they saw us. The laborer, who was stuck for 17 days, saw us and started making videos of us. We too were very happy to see him. He told that the trapped laborers were appealing to us to get them out. Civil engineer Ashok Kumar Solanki said that there was a lot of risk in this. But we did it. One of these members told that Akhilesh Yadav gave a reward of Rs 1 lakh each to all these members.

Later, the 7 heroes of Uttarkashi Rescuers were felicitated for the first time live on the Indian News Manch Conclave by Union Minister Devusinh Chauhan.


India News is organizing the country’s biggest political forum. This event is taking place at the NDMC Convention Center in Delhi. Today marks the second day of this program that began on Wednesday, December 13. It is worth mentioning that this three-day event will run until December 15, 2023.

On Wednesday, several eminent political figures of the country, including Member of Parliament Raghav Chaddha, Union Minister Anurag Thakur, Kiran Rijiju, and many renowned faces from the world of literature and entertainment, participated. Moreover, many other prominent personalities, who will share insights related to the country and the world, will also be included in today’s proceedings.

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