Thursday, December 14, 2023

MoS Ashwini Choubey’s Cavalcade Met With An Accident In Bihar Leaving Several Cops Injured

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Union Minister of State (MoS) and BJP leader Ashwini Choubey’s escort vehicle in the cavalcade met with an accident on Sunday in Bihar, resulting in the injuries of 5 police personnels who travelling in the vehicle. The incident took place while Choubey was travelling to Patna from Buxar. 

According to the Union Minister, a car from Koransarai police station which was part of his convoy met with an accident in the canal of the road bridge of Dumrao’s Mathila-Narayanpur road. The minister further shared that the injured police personnels had been shifted to a hospital. 

“During the way from Buxar to Patna, the car of Koransarai police station, in the caracade met with an accident in the canal of the road bridge of Dumrao’s Mathila-Narayanpur road. Everyone is well by the grace of Lord Shriram. Going to Dumrao Sadar Hospital with the injured policemen and driver,” Choubey tweeted. He also shared a video wherein the minister can be seen inspecting the overturned police vehicle. 

 “I have brought the injured police personnel to Dumrao Sadar hospital. They are being given first aid. Two policemen have received more injuries. After first aid, I am leaving for AIIMS Patna with them. All the policemen and drivers are out of danger. May Lord Shriram make everyone well soon.”, the minister tweeted out after admitting the injured policemen to the hospital in order to undergo proper treatment. 

The BJP leader also lauded the people who swiftly extended their help to evaucaute the cops after the vehicle had overturned in the canal stating, ‘BJP workers Ajay Tiwari, my bodyguards Nagendra Kumar Choubey, Mohit Kumar, Dhaneshwar Kumar, Kunjbihari Ojha, ASI Jairam Kumar, Mukesh Kumar, Sujoy Kumar, Premkumar Singh, showing agility, played an important role in evacuating the police personnel from the overturned car in the canal’.

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